In Search of Faith and Truth: The Spiritual Journey of Film Producer Julien Drolon.

Film Producer Julien Drolon

In a quest for truth, wisdom and guidance Julien Drolon took a spiritual journey on foot in what was essentially a walk towards God. His seeking ultimately led him to Islam in 2012.

A French Muslim, Julien lives in Malaysia with his wife Zara Shafie, a former Opera singer. Together they run Halis Media, a company whose vision is to introduce the pure message of Islam to the world through state of the art media platforms.

About Julien Drolon

Julien Drolon is a French Muslim convert, former international reporter and singer songwriter. He embraced Islam online in 2012 after years of research into religion and spirituality. He is now based in Malaysia with his wife Zara Shafie, who heads Halis Media, a company dedicated to producing state of the art media content and world class events featuring our Islamic values for a global audience.

He grew up Catholic in Nantes and was very spiritual from an early age but felt that something was missing. He then went on a search that took him through Buddhism and Christianity before ultimately finding Islam.

His musical influences are Jason Mraz, Bob Marley, Jamiroquai and Donovan Frankenreiter among others and his music is a feel good mix of pop, reggae and funk. He is also a photographer and film maker. He has created a number of short films and documentaries that have received worldwide praise from both Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

FREEDOM – The Story of 50 Converts to Islam

Julien grew up in Nantes Catholic, but he always sought spirituality and God. After many years of research he embraced Islam online and is now involved in Da’wah projects including New Muslim Care, an organisation catering to Muslims who have embraced Islam after their Shahadah.

Wallace Fard founded the Nation of Islam in the 1930s, preaching that Christianity was the white man’s religion and that Islam was closer to African roots and identity. His followers, who became known as Black Muslims, combined Islamic tenets with black pride and nationalist ideas.

Shermon Burgess, a former leader of Australia’s now-defunct far-right nationalist group United Patriot Front, has embraced Islam as part of a trend of prominent right-wing figures who have done so. He joins a growing global movement that has been accelerated by the spread of social media and the rising tide of Islamophobia. The film explores why they have chosen this path.

About Halis Media

Halis Media is a non profit organisation that produces state of the art media content with Islamic values and distribute it globally. Its operations and products include film production, world events, conferences and inspiring podcasts.

The Company was behind the global FREEDOM screening tour which took place in 10 countries and received excellent feedback from Muslim and non-Muslim viewers alike. It also co organised the first New Muslim World Conference in 2018 in UK and the New Muslim World Digital Conference 2019 online.

Julien Drolon is the Founder and Director of Halis Media and he leads a team of dedicated professionals in producing, directing and marketing the films. He speaks English, French and Spanish. Zara Shafie is the CFO and she speaks Bahasa Malaysia, English & French. They are both very passionate about Da’wah and Halis Media aims to raise awareness of Islam as a peaceful religion and give voice to the global community of converts.

About the Producers

Producers are responsible for orchestrating a film, TV show, commercial, or other project from script to screen. They oversee all phases and aspects, including talent acquisition, creative team collaboration, meeting deadlines, liaising with executives, and handling finances.

They are also involved in finding initial material for a project, whether it be an original screenplay or an adaptation of an existing story. They then pitch the project to movie studios and production companies with the hope of securing financing.

During production, producers are on-set to ensure that the film runs according to schedule and budget. They are also responsible for hiring the director, finance resources, and editors. They also have final say on edits and the soundtrack mix.

Though formal education is not always necessary, a producer’s background and work experience are vital for this role. They should be equal parts creative and practical, as well as highly organized. Producers may also be members of the Producers Guild of America (PGA). They have a wide range of professional and personal interests.

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